International marketing promoter

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International marketing promoter


Job information:

1. According to the promotion needs of overseas markets, develop marketing activities to expand the influence of the company's products in the target market, strengthen customer stickiness and improve product reputation;

2. Responsible for the planning, implementation, promotion and effect evaluation of overseas exhibitions, forums and other marketing conferences;

3. Responsible for the operation and promotion of the company's English official website, including daily management, update and maintenance of the website;

4. Develop and implement social culture promotion strategies through foreign social networking sites, forums, blogs, video websites, search engines, EDM and other marketing methods to achieve precision marketing promotion;

5. Conducted market research and analysis, understood the development trend of the industry, analyzed products and sales volume, made regular market forecast and information analysis, and provided information support for the production line and sales;

6. Made publicity plans, made cost budget for advertisements, and tracked and analyzed the implementation progress and effect.

Job requirements:

1. Marketing experience in overseas optical communication industry;

2. Bachelor degree or above;

3. Good English understanding, expression and communication skills, and interpersonal skills;

4. Experience in organizing and coordinating overseas marketing planning activities;

5. Have excellent innovative thinking, sensitive to information, love marketing and promotion work, good planning writing skills and market development ability.


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