PhD in optical communication device Development

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PhD in optical communication device Development


Job information:

1. Responsible for the research and development of advanced optical switching devices, including theoretical calculation, sample preparation, optical table verification of working principle, overall device design, and completion of experimental reports and verification reports;

2. Participate in the establishment and maintenance of technical documents for the company's research and development of new products (including process procedures, quality standards, inspection operation procedures, production records, etc.);

3. Participated in the writing of SOP documents and various documents required for registration when the project was realized into products.

Job requirements:

1. Doctor degree or above, major in optical engineering, photoelectric information engineering, physics or related;

2. Have solid theoretical knowledge foundation, familiar with Zemax, Codev, Lightools, an optical software in ASAP. (Bonus: proficient in SOLIDWORKS, AUTOCAD, etc., with certain programming ability);

3. Familiar with optical parts, optical parts and photoelectric devices commonly used in the laboratory;

4. Have the spirit of study and innovation, keep improving, good at thinking, diligent in operation, have a high sense of responsibility, good learning ability and communication skills.


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