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The Challenge

The fiberoptics industry is undergoing a transition, moving away from expensive and bulky components while searching for low-cost integrated solutions. However, existing fiberoptic components are still assembled and packaged one at a time, unable to take advantage of the economies of scale long used by the semiconductor industry. Arrayed Fiberoptics Corporation has patented a technology to create the next generation of fiberoptic components and address these limitations. Now, for the first time, these components can achieve the design and production economies necessary to enable high-bandwidth optical networking virtually everywhere it is needed.

Conventional fiberoptic components require expensive, active alignment between individual single-channel or small array components and their fiber interface. As a result, alignment and packaging often accounts for 80% of the cost of producing fiberoptic components. Arrayed Fiberoptics' breakthrough technology radically changes this approach, eliminating these limitations, while providing a low-risk path to incorporate this new design.

Technology Overview

Arrayed Fiberoptics' patented Vertical Fiber Integration (VFI) technology creates economies of scale that are orders of magnitude greater than other existing fiberoptic component approach. We assemble and align multiple full wafers, each with a separate optical function, to create integrated fiberoptic components on a WAFER SCALE, allowing fabrication of thousands of high-performance devices using a single alignment step. Combined with our patented ulta-high precision alignment technology, we enable virtually any single-mode fiberoptic component, in array or single-channel form, with dramatically improved performance, cost, size, and reliability. Furthermore, these components are hermetically sealed as fabricated, often eliminating the need for further hermetic packaging. The key is our innovative 3-dimensional approach to creating integrated fiberoptic components with aligned fiber sockets, in full wafer stacks using processes and concepts similar to those used in electronic integrated circuits. After fabrication, the wafers are singulated into individual or array components, each one already sealed and fully aligned.

Full wafer alignment, assembly,
singulation, & fiber incorporation
E.g. 8-Channel Single-Mode Collimator Array


Our robust technology is the basis for a wide range of extremely low-cost, high-performance single-mode|devices, both active and passive, in array or single-channel form; including high-precision fiber arrays, epoxy-free fiber arrays, transmitters, receivers, transceivers, VOAs, optical switches, array connectors, collimators and beam-shapers, integrated filter modules, and a variety of other components. When compared to existing technologies, these resulting products provide many benefits:

    • Size/Array Form - Arrayed Fiberoptics components are naturally created in linear or 2-dimensional array form, integrating multiple optical functions into a single device. This enables dramatic reduction in size - in some applications, 100 times smaller than existing devices.

    • Cost - Arrayed Fiberoptics relies on proven semiconductor technology to achieve manufacturing efficiencies that have been previously unattainable in fiberoptic components. Just as the electronic IC advanced electronic products, Arrayed Fiberoptics advances now make optical networking practical in applications previously unimaginable, increasing your potential market.

    • Reliability - Because of the small size and sealed packaging of Arrayed Fiberoptics components, they are much less susceptible to environmental factors than many existing components. The patented symmetric fiber mounting approach minimizes temperature-dependent alignment shift. Further, Arrayed Fiberoptics' full-integration requires far fewer piece parts and interconnects, minimizing sources of device failure.

    • Hermeticity - Arrayed Fiberoptics components are inherently hermetically sealed for high reliability, and can be easily incorporation with other devices in larger-scale hermetic packages.

    • Easy Design-In - Due to all of the above characteristics, Arrayed Fiberoptics components enable revolutionary products to address new and emerging markets. However, due to their small size and the flexibility of our packaging format, Arrayed Fiberoptics components can also easily be designed in as simple form-and-function replacements for existing components, facilitating painless integration into existing systems. This flexibility allows for low-risk, multi-step or single-step design transition from legacy components to next-generation products based on our technology.

    • Versatile Platform - Arrayed Fiberoptics' technology provides a very versatile platform to implement a wide variety of fiberoptic components, ranging from simple fiber connectors to more complex passive and active devices. Imagination is the only limit - call us to explore using Arrayed Fiberoptics technology to revolutionize your products.


Technology Comparison

In-Fiber Components V-Groove Individually Assembled Components VFI - Vertical
Robust: Many Device Types
Low-Cost Alignment
High-Precision Alignment
Miniature Size
Inherent Hermetic Seal
Optimized for Arrays: 1-D
Optimized for Arrays: 2-D