Arrayed Fiberoptics non-contact MPO and single-fiber optical connectors now available

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Arrayed Fiberoptics Corp. says it non-contact MPO (NC-MPO) and single-fiber fiber-optic connectors have achieved off-the-shelf commercial availability. The company says the non-contact technology, a proprietary, patent pending development, provides significantly better performance than conventional alternatives.

The fiber connectors offer a typical insertion loss of 0.06 dB, repeatable to within less than or equal to 0.01 dB. Return loss is greater than or equal to 70 dB (single mode).

The company guarantees connection between any pair of connectors, and that the non-contact connectors will mate with their conventionally designed counterparts. The fiber-optic connectors exhibit a lifetime of greater than or equal to 5,000 matings, which Arrayed Fiberoptics asserts is 10X that of traditional MPO connectors. The connectors are designed to be insensitive to dust and will not damage the surface of devices under test. The single-fiber connectors are available in LC, SC, and FC formats.

Arrayed Fiberoptics will exhibit the connectors at OFC 2018 in San Diego on March 13-15, 2018, Booth 5601.[1]

[1] Lightwave Staff, Lightwave. [Online]. Available: visit the Lightwave. [Accessed: 13-Feb-2018]


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